Improved Material Management Through Data Collection

In the trucking industry, effectively tracking loads is a necessity in successful project management and accurate billing. This involves effective material management aspects such as keeping track of round times, type of material being hauled, and quantity of loads for individual trucks. If organized correctly, this provides supervisors or management with up-to-date data on material being hauled and a running total of amount billed. Material management can easily utilize the capabilities of a mobile data collection system to optimize load hauling, improve project management, and provide management and supervisors with important information to make informed decisions.

5952278556_8902eeebc5_zAs with most companies, this process is completed using paper slips for each individual truck. This is not only an inefficient use of time but it often leads to lost or incomplete slips as they don’t always make it into the hands of the right people. This leads to inaccurate material estimations and billing discrepancies.

Tracking Material Using Your Phone

With Nektar Data Systems, all this data can be stored easily using a mobile device. Truckers, or appointed employees can scan a truck every time it is loaded or leaves the site, and/or every time it dumps. This would include quick entry of aspects such as type of material being hauled, truck size and number, and job name or location. Time of entry and GPS location would be automatically recorded for each scanned event. This provides a dashboard for a supervisor to quickly see load times and location via their mobile device.

This data can then be displayed in a PDF report and filtered by date. The report provides valuable information such as loads per day by truck, total yards hauled, material being hauled, and all in an easy-to-read format. This data also helps in accountability when a company is using third party trucking as sub-contracting trucks can be tracked to ensure there are no discrepancies in billing.

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